Advanced Esoteric Spiritual Dowsing

Like the Dead Sea Scrolls, this sacred body of spiritual teachings was almost lost forever.  Sophia Johanson (a.k.a. Anonymous) wrote many volumes which together lay out a complete and powerful system which she called “Gnostic Teachings aligned with Hermetic Law”. She taught this work to hundreds of students from 1992 until her sudden death in 2002. Nothing was in place to carry on. The books and recordings were scattered in many locations. These teachings were pieced back together over 10 years by three of her former students.They are now available to the world thanks to many hours of painstaking efforts and lots of Divine Grace.

What this system of Spiritual Science does:

1) Identifies and clears underlying causes of issues presenting themselves on the physical plane such as illness, financial problems, relationship problems, etc.

2) Develops an inner guidance system in alignment with Divine Law which helps us navigate life’s challenges and decisions with cutting edge clarity.

3) Simple and easy to learn and yet infinitely complex octaves and layers of nuance. Quick and efficient techniques with immediate results.

4) Refines and strengthens the Etheric Body’s senses (eyes and ears) so as to spiritually evolve in purpose and understanding.

5) Helps increase clear communication between the Primary and Waking Consciousness.

6) Clears off the lower physical auric boundaries and substances so that the waking mind can communicate with the developed etheric body. We may be born with our spiritual eyes and ears open, but we need a clear lower form to translate spiritual symbols into words.

7) Clearing ourselves allows us to incrementally clear and heal our families, communities, nation and the Earth.

8) Builds a bridge between conscious and unconscious mind where we can access the different levels of akasha.

9) Recover from trauma both known and unknown including P.T.S.D.

10) Read people and situations so you can discern an opportunity from a pitfall.

11) Discover your spiritual destiny and how to fulfill it.

12) Identify and clear deep seated ancestral patterns (miasms) that are effecting you in ways you can not otherwise do anything about.

How it works:

Precise, detailed, repetitious dowsing using
Color, Direction, Frequencies, Complexities, Location, Time, Body Parts, Soul Lessons (other) helps accomplish the following:

Introduction in Anonymous’ Words

Healing the world must start with healing the self. These teachings hold the ancient mysteries through which personal transformation is made possible, if the applicant is sincere and willing to change. The dilettante will benefit little, except through some intellectual titillation.

This book Virtues, Laws and Powers was written not for dinner table discussion, but at great price, and with great courage, by a traveler within such mysteries, in hope of helping humanity out of chaos.

Since it merely recites the principles of the mysteries, it shall be considered anonymously and gnostically written, for man cannot hope or presume to create the Laws and Virtues. This is not a “channeled” book, but a book reflecting the experience of the traveler through many realms as real as the one before your face.

If you also dare to be a traveler into unseen realms, this book will guide you safely.

Any questions about the text or techniques within the Advanced Esoteric Dowsing Books I, II, III, please contact Julia Williams at: sophiajohansonlibrary@gmail.com or 573-875-8024.
(PO Box 972, Columbia, MO, 65205)

Virtues, Laws and Powers (excerpts)

True power is rare because few people know how to cultivate it in themselves or others. (Page 31)

Learning to listen, rather than talk or imagine scenes, is a primary task of any spiritual student. (Page 23)

…the virtues are not mere concepts, but are forces, like laser lights of varying hues….Each Virture power is like one of the voices in the heavenly choir. To resonate with power, one’s whole self must learn to sing, with great nuance and harmony, all the songs that make up divinity….One’s Virtues are only as powerful as they are balanced with each other. (Page 33)

The most important thing in a person’s life is often the greatest impediment to spiritual growth…Anyone who values a person or thing more than Truth is likely to become evil if he should study the mysteris. He will use any power fained to reinforce his hold upon what he desires…The path to holiness is a lonely path…The power to change can only be found in Laws and Virtues.  (Pages 25 and 26)

It is possible to heal oneself through the application of higher Laws. If humans can bring healing order to their own lives, then they can begin to bring order to their families and to their own culture. If they do that, they can start to bring order to the world. (Page 8)

Thoughts are things, and Will is the vehicle for their formation and force. A holy person who has developed strength of Will and self control is more powerful than dozens of satanically willful people….A person with Holy Will and Power enjoys his spiritual study, because he has self control. Any person who indulges in self-pity and has little thought control cannot develop Holy Will, and he pollutes the Earth. (Page 77)

Definition of Gnosis:

The experience of a directly felt perception of and communion with the essential light and power of divinity lies at the heart of numerous spiritual teachings and practices the world over. The clear, immediate, experience of this awakening is known as gnosis or wisdom. It arises as a bright lucid knowing, an intuitive realization of the divine presence as it exists within all of creation. It is the most sacred gift of the Divine, a gift which has the pure penetrating power to fully open our hearts eyes and minds to the beauty and majesty of not only the concrete physical world we inhabit, but to the hidden mysteries of the subtle spiritual realms as well.